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Eternal Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum 100ml

Eternal Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum 100ml
  • Stoechiol, Polyplant Fruits, Gold

    Lifting, Rejuvenating, Ultra-Moisturising

    Concentrated, professional Lifting Serum with high concentrations of Salvia Sclarea extract – Xeradin and active substances of natural origin. Immediately absorbed, provides multi-level 24-hour hydration for normal to dry skin. It has soothing properties. The ingredient Stoechiol – Spanish lavender organic oil and colloidal gold,  provides a quick rejuvenating effects: improvement of skin texture, facial tightlening and natural lifting-like effect. Wrinkles and facial lines appear reduced, even in the eye contour area. A cocktail of juicy fruits subtly brightens, adds vitality and a healthy skin glow.


    The unique and exclusive face line with colloidal gold, Xeradin and Spanish lavender oil. Created for professional, comprehensive care of mature skin and also as an intensive treatment for normal to dehydrated skin .It slows the ageing process in natural way, assuring extensive skin comfort and anti-wrinkle properties:

    • Long 24-hour, 100% increase of skin hydration
    • Llifting effect and facial contours improvement (eg. Banquet treatment)
    • Shallowing of furrows and wrinkles 
    • Stimulation of collagen
    • Strengthening 
    • Brightening
    • Restoring of vitality and natural radiance
    • ETERNAL GOLD elixir of youth, based on the unique bases and carefully selected natural active raw materials.

    XERADIN ™ - A Salvia Sclarea extract, grown in strictly monitored conditions. It provides 24-hour multi-dimensional hydration. Reduces water loss.

    STOECHIOL – Spanish lavender organic oil. Helps smooth the skin and helps stop the formation of wrinkles. It provides a lifting-like effect., 

    COLLOIDAL GOLD –  Has cleansing and brightening properties.

    FRUIT-POLYPLANT – brightening and revitalizing cocktail of juicy fruit – raspberries, strawberries, kiwi fruit, apples, peaches, papaya and cucumber.

    Organique Inspired By Nature  Organique Safe Formula

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