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Bio Argan Oil 100% natural oil

2-3 Days Bio Argan Oil 100% natural oil

Pure unscented argan oil (natural, certified substances) is produced from the seeds of the argan tree Argan Spinosa by cold pressing. It contains unsaturated fatty acids (80%), mainly omega-6 and omega-9, linoleic acid and a large dose of vitamin E. It protects the skin against water loss, smoothes, firms and nourishes. Anti-inflammatory, alleviating the symptoms of acne and allergies. It promotes healing thanks to the presence of phytosterols, mainly spinasterolu. Also suitable for mature skin and aging (and squalane, fatty acids facilitate the regeneration of the skin hydrolipidic barrier and to compensate for any deficiencies of fat components into the skin) because it has antioxidant properties (protects the skin from damage caused by external factors), and delayed appearance of wrinkles. The presence of oleic acid promotes the penetration into the skin the active constituents present in the oil.
Capacity - 100 ml glass carafe

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