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About Me and my passion

About Me and my passion

My name is Magda.  

I love nature and eco.  

Having lived in the Netherlands for 23 years, I noticed that a lot of people lack vitamin D and this affects their skin condition.

I love to help people with different skin conditions, so 2,5 years ago, I opened a lovely shop in The Hague. We stock good quality natural beauty products.

  These products are FREE OF CHEMICALS, 100% natural and with certified organic ingredients.

Most of our products are imported from Poland, where I originally come from. Our products can either be purchased at our store in The Hague or from our online shop. We support Individual Talents, so, if Natural Beauty is your passion and you are able to make soaps or bath bombs, feel free to contact me.  I guess, we can work together!

Thank you for visiting my website!  I hope you will find something that suits you. If not, do not hesitate to contact me on and I will be happy to help you.

Because nature is my passion is my job......


Magda xxx